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VN‑7800, Olympus, Audio Recording
VN‑7800, Olympus, Audio Recording
VN‑7800, Olympus, Audio Recording


Your everyday notetaker
  • 4GB memory for 2200h recording
  • Extra long battery life: 86h rec.
  • Voice activated recording (VCVA)


Recording messages on the go just got even easier! The VN‑7800 has 4 GB of memory for well over 2,200 hours of messages. The 16‑point index and file divide function make it easy to find the spot you’re looking for. Repeat loops, variable speed playback and other options ensure clear and convenient playback, and voice activated recording is perfect for hands‑free operation. Long battery life lets you record for over 80 hours without interruptions (SP mode). A versatile recorder for people who want a great range of features at great value.


  • 4GB internal memory for more than 2200 hours recording (LP mode)
  • Extra long battery life: over 80 hours (SP Rec. Mode)
  • Voice activated recording for hands‑free use
  • Noise cancelling for clarity even in noisy conditions
  • 16‑point index function for simple searching
  • 4 folders for file storage, 200 messages per folder
  • File splitting for easy handling of long recordings
  • Repeat looping, skip space and continuous playback
  • Timer feature for pre‑setting recording times


  • Storage Media

    Internal memory

    4GB Flash Memory

  • Recording Modes

    Recording format

    Sub Band Codec / CELP

  • Power Supply

    Power Supply

    2 x AAA Batteries

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